Custom Engineering & Products

Ultratainer provides engineering and technical services aimed at optimizing overall system performance.
Our technical services include:

- Reverse engineering
- Retrofitting
- Review and assessment of current units and fleet
- Technical feedback and quotation for manufacturing improvements

We design, manufacture, and implement a full range of customized, easy-to-use, durable, reusable, environmentally friendly container and dunnage solutions to optimize your business operations.

We also design and manufacture Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation (PHS&T) containers for commercial equipment, weapons, munitions, critical components, special tools and test equipment, as well as high-value White Goods, and other integrated logistic support needs for automotive, defence, aerospace, transportation, and warehousing customers.

Product Rentals

Supply rentals and long-term leases of baskets
We will create a rental agreement with our customer tailored to their specific needs. Units can be rented for as long as the customer requires them with the option to purchase the rental agreement. Maintenance is included in product rentals. This allows for a fixed and known daily cost to the customer and removes the burden of capital expenditures.

Product & Fleet Management

We provide lifecycle management services including inventory management, inspection, repair, overhaul, repurpose & recycle of any customer’s metal containers.

Our fleet management program allows for continuous evaluation of a fleet to keep it in excellent condition. We standardize the maintenance procedures and complete any repairs with OEM components for standard and fast work. This also allows us to support any variations in fleet volume.

We offer a single pricing structure with detailed specifications, dedicated storage space and repair equipment as well as fleet statistics and a database for management reporting.