About US

Ultratainer is a world leader in the design, customization, manufacture, supply, and lifecycle management of specialized container systems.  

Ultratainer Inc. is proud to be a third-generation privately held Quebec-based manufacturer that consistently provides innovative, reliable, reusable, and environmentally sustainable containers to help our customers realize operational efficiencies, protect valuable goods, find savings, avoid downstream costs, minimize maintenance downtimes and costs, and achieve environmental sustainability goals.

With over thirty years of expertise in welding effective partnerships in a variety of industries, we work with you to offer environmentally sustainable, made-in-Canada solutions.  We design, manufacture, and implement a complete line of products and provide services to optimize your operational performance, help reduce total cost of ownership, and immediately contribute to your long-term sustainability goals. Our products are green choices that are durable, maintainable, reusable, and ultimately recyclable (after very long lifecycles). 


The Ultratainer Vision is to create reusable and environmentally sustainable containers used throughout industry to optimize performance while minimizing waste


Our Mission is to provide specialized container solutions, products, and services that improve our worldwide partners' production and supply chain operations while leading the way in environmental sustainability


We value the ingenuity of our solutions, ensuring quality in our products and services, the satisfaction of our customers, and mutual respect in all our relationships


Late 1970s



Early 1990s











Rebrand of Ultratainer for continued growth and development of export market.

Ultratainer leadership

Didier Charbonneau

general manager

Didier Charbonneau has a complete understanding of the manufacturing industry. He is as comfortable on the shop floor as he is at the boardroom table. He is trained in semi-automatic MIG welding, mechanical robotic programing, marketing, business development and sales. He has held various management positions within the company and now acts as Ultratainer’s General Manager.

As General Manager, and a team player, Didier understands that the strength in his organization comes his diverse and highly skilled workforce. He will be the first to tell anyone that: ‘’As a team, our success is a summation of our knowledge.’’

Didier attended Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf International Baccalaureat and later graduated from HEC Montreal University with a degree in Economy specializing in Finance. He is also a graduate of the École Entrepreneurship de Beauce.

Lina Levert

Director of Business Development

An accountant by profession, Ms. Lina Levert has accumulated over 30 years of management experience in both the public and private sectors.

Lina began her career in public sector finances where she worked at the Ministry of Revenue and later for the Securities Commission in the Province of Quebec.

Ms. Levert the took her financial expertise and knowledge of fiscal management and joined Ultratainer as secretary-treasurer at the founding of the company. As the company has grown, so has the Lina’s skillset. She has helped attract new clients through business development and with her background in the public sector, she acts as the company’s representative regarding the company’s interaction with any government entities.

Lina holds a business administration degree from the University of Quebec where she specialized in accounting.

Marc Charbonneau

Chief Executive Officer

Now Chairman of Ultratiner, Marc Charbonneau was President of the company for 30 years. He has utilized his extensive industry knowledge and management experience to grow Ultratainer to the innovative company it is today.

Marc’s professional career began at ADP. He progressed through the company and became the Director of Customer Service.

Mr. Charbonneau studied at the College Grasset and continued his education at the University of Quebec, graduating with a degree in business administration with a specialization in finance.