Environmental, Social,
and governance

ESG Policy


We design, manufacture, and implement a complete line of products and provide services to optimize your operational performance, help reduce the total cost of ownership, and immediately contribute to your long-term sustainability goals. Our products are green choices that are durable, maintainable, reusable, and ultimately recyclable after long lifecycles.


Integrity | Reliability | Ingenuity | Attentiveness | Respect. 
These values guide our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. We embody the outcomes of these values through our day-to-day actions, employee and employment initiatives, environmental goals, community efforts and governance standards. These values and goals foster a sustainable, inclusive, and progressive business culture, not only in our marketplace and region but for Canadian business as a whole. As a multi-generational family-owned and operated corporation, we understand the importance of creating opportunities for the future workforce and building sustainable business models.


Ultratainer is committed to sustainability efforts through our vision, strategy, and approach to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities.
We commit to:

  • Achieving a science-based reduction target of reducing or business greenhouse gas emissions to keep global temperature increases below 2°C.
  • Maintaining a written environmental policy including greenhouse gases, clean energy, energy efficiency, water usage, pollution control, waste reduction and tracking improvements of our environmental impact and sustainability initiatives overtime.
  • Working with our customers and suppliers to develop more holistic business models and circular economies that quantifiably:
  • minimize the use of raw materials;
  • ensure the highest ethical and environmental standards;
  • optimize designs to minimize waste, increase ease and costs of repairs, increase durability and product lifespans, and reduces the strain on transportability;
  • maximize the return and reuse of products and parts;
  • minimize unnecessary recycling (i.e., displace wasteful and single-use products from the market);
  • maximize recycling at the end-of-life for parts and material;
  • enhance our products and services to help our customers optimize their businesses and achieve their environmentally sustainability goals.
  • Maintaining an end-of-cycle/product end-life recycle percentage of 100%.
  • Each Ultratainer Monotainer product that reaches its end of cycle and enters our maintenance program will be recycled to create an upgraded or new product or completely recycled when it reaches its end of life.
  • Spending a percentage of a contract value with Indigenous-owned suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Maintaining a written Indigenous engagement policy, including Indigenous employment, use of Indigenous suppliers, support for training programs or other practical Indigenous engagement measures; with First Nations bands within the Ultratainer operating region.
  • Increasing our corporate and workforce diversity and inclusion over time, considering both employment and supply chain by increasing employment and training opportunities for women, visible minorities, and underrepresented groups.

Science-Based Environmental Targets

Greenhouse gases
To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our manufacturing process, Ultratainer Inc. has switched from fuel oil to natural gas for heating the factory. Natural Gas is a cleaner burning fuel and is a reliable and efficient source of energy to meet our ongoing production requirements. This has significantly reduced our carbon footprint.
Furthermore, our fleet of forklift is 100% electric, which contribute to lowering our greenhouse gases emissions.
Energy efficiency
Ultratainer has switched to 100%energy-efficient lighting (LED) for the factory floor. In addition to the LED fixtures, we have installed sensor switches to control certain floor lighting areas of the facility where only periodic work is required. This initiative has reduced our overall electrical consumption and hydro-electric consumption.
Water management
Ultratainer has infrastructure to reuse and recirculate water inside its plant operations. In turn, our water consumption and waste are very low.
Pollution control

  • We Reduce light with the cut-off sensor switches.
  • Our Factory is cooled by natural air circulation instead of AC.
  • We have strict policies regarding consumables entering its perimeter. Our policy is never purchase, use, transport or process any product with radioactive substance.
  • We use high efficiency plumbing to reuse and recirculate water.
  • We reduce ambient noise by carefully evaluating machinery decibel outputs. Noise emission is a part of our evaluation when purchasing equipment.
  • We have no visual pollution; we keep our property and factory to the smallest physical and visual footprint possible to sustain and grow our operation.
  • Our shipping areas, parking lot and general landscape areas are unpaved to reduce the natural heat island effect which is a cause of thermal pollution.

Waste management
Within our corporate office environment, we operate primarily on a digital system and print documents only if required. Otherwise, we use computers with large monitors and a file transferring, document co-working and a large data storage system. Within our factory facility, we recycle all paper or cardboard. Most of the materials that we receive, or ship do not use paper. Therefore, our paper usage in the office and factory is very low. Any waste that is recyclable, is done so accordingly. One of the goals of our Monotainer systems, is to reduce the use of single use and non-recyclable metals, plastics and cardboard.

Indigenous Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion

Quebec is home to over 100,000 indigenous peoples spanning 11 different nations. Ultratainer headquarters is located and operates on the unceded territories of the Iroquoian Mohawks of Kahnawá:ke. Progress through reconciliation is the responsibility of all Canadians, their businesses, and their governments. Ultratainer is committed to the hiring, apprenticeships and training, knowledge transfer and shared community development of our nation's future workforce and industry. Ensuring the priority focus for Indigenous Community Engagement is as follows:
Importance of Attentive Communication 
Opening up lines of communication to different communities is essential. Whether it is employees, clients, stakeholders, community members or Indigenous partners, we take the time to listen, absorb and thoughtfully communicate. 
Awareness, Understanding and Respect 
Awareness is the first step, and with understanding grows respect. Ongoing communication with our Indigenous partners helps Ultratainer identify areas of improvement in both of our corporate and social lives as we mutually benefit from a respectful working environment.
Clear Vision and Direction for All 
Through active communication, learning and implementing respectful corporate policy, our goal is to create an organization that mutually benefits our communities. We are achieving this by creating sustainable employment, creating a respectful work environment, and learning from and promoting different cultures and practices in our work, corporate products, and industry reach.
Commitment to progressing lasting and positive change for All 
Ultratainer commits to the ongoing reconciliation of history, culture, community and commerce between our organization and our Indigenous partners for generations to come. The organization will track its progress and produce reports reflecting the milestones.

Indigenous Engagement  
Internal / External Opportunities

  • Recognizing Treaty Rights and providing indigenous educational cultural competency tools and opportunities to learn to all employees.
  • Creating corporate policies that align with and respect the cultural, societal and community practices and needs of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Organize community building events such as site-visits, workshops, showcases, information sessions and job fairs with Indigenous partners at Ultratainer Headquarters.
  • Create an apprenticeship or co-op program for local Indigenous peoples.
  • Partner with Indigenous-owned or operated businesses for services, supply chain or contracting support.
  • Proactive outreach to local Indigenous bands to introduce potential avenues of collaboration.
  • Attend or sponsor Indigenous community events on and off local reserves.
  • Identify business opportunities to collaborate with to Indigenous communities that can be collaborated on.