Expeditionary Barrier System (EBS) – UltraBarrier

Ultratainer manufactures a suite of specialty ULTRA products for government, military and security customers to address their need for high strength, durable and easy to use wire mesh products.  Each ULTRA product is engineered to meet the highest level of industry standards with exceptional product support and performance guarantees.

Rapidly Deployable Force Defence Protection Barrier (Identical with USA specs MIL-DTL-32488). Engineered retaining structures offer excellent protective performance obtained from filled material. Geotextile fabric is available in different colours (Mil Desert and Mil Forest) for various uses such as civilian/disaster assistance, UN, NATO and other ops.

Specialized weapons & equipment locker – UltraKit

Whether you wish to protect and store high value equipment or other supplies, our ULTRAKIT container will meet your requirements. Stackable, foldable, flexible – these robust containers are up for the job.

Specialized munitions locker – UltraMunition

Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of ammunition storage, ULTRAMUNITION is equally useful and durable either in an ammunition depot, out on a firing range or in deployed operations.

Collapsible water tank carrier – UltraOasis

Safe and hygienic water supply for all environmental and tactical situations. Thermal liner provides protection from extremes of heat and cold, while the rigid wire mesh container is easily moved and stored.