Case Story
March 1, 2022


UltraRepair Program Success

We elevate your supply chain with innovative container solutions

Our Customer’s Story

One of Canada’s largest meat packing and food processing companies that is part of Canada’s largest cooperative is constantly evolving, acquiring new businesses, and expanding operations.

The company currently owns approximately 9,000of Ultratainer’s specialized containers ranging from food-grade stainless steel baskets to a variety of other types of shipping containers and carts. While Ultratainer’s container systems are extremely durable, they need maintenance and occasionally more comprehensive repairs.


The company was originally doing their own maintenance. The biggest challenges faced were that internal maintenance was not scalable and associated costs were quickly becoming prohibitive.

Containers needing repair frequently sat idle while waiting for labour or materials, which further increased packaging costs whenever additional disposable containers were required for ongoing production.

Inspections and repairs were time-consuming and demanded an increasing number of dedicated labourers and management.

Other challenges included:

  • Maintenance took up great deal of space.
  • Struggled to hire qualified welders.
  • High wages and hidden program costs.
  • Difficulties understanding actual costs.
  • Unreliable reporting and metrics.
  • Reduced availability and poor use of assets.

The company needed a trusted partner who understood their business.

Successful Trial Run

The company initially faced internal pressures and was reluctant to outsource repairs.

Working with Ultratainer, a low-risk trial run was devised to repair a hundred containers and review a comprehensive report.

Comments were so positive: the restored containers were immediately sent back into production at one of their facilities.

UltraRepair Program

The UltraRepair program is tailored to the company’s needs. The repair services focus on operational readiness. Since Ultratainer’s specialized container systems are modular, every mesh panel can be replaced in seconds if needed. Sufficient spare parts are always ready. All containers are itemized and tracked. Any returned for repair too often are flagged and appropriate action taken.

At a glance


Our customers are from all industries where specialized containers are an essential part of how they bring value to their customers.

Business Need

UltraRepair satisfies the need for inexpensive and quick-turnaround repairs for fleets of specialized containers.


UltraRepair is more than a program; it’s about your business running efficiently at full speed.


UltraRepair is affordable, sustainable, and ultimately lowers total cost of ownership.

Impact of Ultratainer Repair Services

The impact of outsourcing repairs to Ultratainer is instant and game-changing:

  • All maintenance is centralized in one location.
  • Assets are better managed.
  • Lower freight costs; lower repair costs.
  • More importantly, specialized containers are always available where they are needed.
  • Quick turnaround times significantly reduces dependency on one-time use packaging, such as cardboard and Gaylord boxes, which directly contributes to meeting zero-waste environmental sustainability goals.

Comprehensive Benefits

The benefits to our client are many.  UltraRepair:

  • Returns specialized containers back to their original specifications.
  • Quickly returns restored containers back into service where they belong.
  • Improves overall operational readiness.
  • Saves direct and indirect costs.
  • Lowers total cost of ownership.

 Other benefits include:

  • Significantly extends the life of reusable and sustainable containers and dunnage.
  • Streamlined and cost-effective service.
  • Certified repairs.
  • Considerably cheaper than buying new.
  • Uses low carbon “Green” materials.
  • Minimizes maintenance downtime.
  • Quick and efficient turnaround.
  • Avoids wasteful use of cardboard, wood, and plastic containers, and dunnage.
  • Avoids downstream recycling costs.
  • Contributes to environmentally sustainability goals.


Ultratainer is a world leader in the design, manufacture, supply, and lifecycle management of specialized container systems.

  • We work with our partners to offer environmentally sustainable, made-in-Canada solutions.
  • We design, manufacture, and implement a complete line of products and services, and immediately contribute to our customers’ long-term sustainability goals.
  • We produce green choices that are durable, maintainable, reusable, and recyclable (after exceptionally long lifecycles).
  • We have over thirty years of expertise in “welding” effective partnerships in a variety of industries.
  • Other Services from Ultratainer

    • Design, manufacture & implementation of a full range of easy-to-use, durable, reusable, environmentally friendly container &dunnage solutions to optimize your business operations.
    • Design & manufacture Packaging, Handling, Storage &Transportation (PHS&T) containers for equipment, weapons, munitions, critical components, special tools & test equipment, and high-value whitegoods and other integrated logistic support needs for automotive, defence &aerospace manufacturers and transportation and warehousing customers.
    • Provide engineering & technical services aimed at optimizing overall system performance.
    • Supply rentals / long-term leases of baskets.
    • Provide lifecycle management services including inventory management, inspection, repair, overhaul, repurpose & recycle of anyone’s metal containers.

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